January 2024

Come and visit us! Pad. 24 Stand M 07-09

September 2023

Come and visit us! Pad. 24 Stand M 07-09


February 2023 – India


Strong business partnerships pillar on people. Indeed, human interrelations and values,
such as mutual respect and trust, represent long-term entrepreneurial fuel beyond shared
interests and economic opportunities.

Throughout the years, IEXI’s participation at IILF (Indian International Leather Fair) in
Chennai has represented a meaningful event to consolidate the Indian market and the
long-lasting relationship with Priti Sales Corporation, a key partner supporting our brand
for almost 25 years. Thus, our attendance at the 2023 Fair from 1-3 February, especially
after the COVID breakout, has come with valuable personal and economic relevance.

Business agreements have been strengthened, intergenerational bonds nurtured, and
future plans settled. During the whole event duration, our stand has been animated by rich
traffic of old and new clients, friends, and visitors, reinforcing an important knowledge:
people’s physical presence fuels a business equally as much as economic profitability.

The IILF in Chennai has been crucial to proving once again that beyond IEXI belongs a
familiar face and strong values: high-quality products and service, careful and attentive
support, dedication, and passion. The Fair has been a big success: a relevant moment, a
new chapter celebrating the solidity of our bond, and building the foundations of the



February 2023 – Pakistan


Despite the rough times, Pakistan has opened the doors of its 2023 Mega Leather Show
from February 1-3. A statement of boldness and wish for prosperity in such unsettling
times, we believe our company’s presence has been necessary, if not vital, to support our
partner SRC PVT LTD. To deliver the best high-quality products and services, showing up at
the Fair has been a way to demonstrate unconditional resilience, consistency, and careful
assistance. Indeed, physical proximity is the most potent, professional, and efficient
support tool for finding new connections and strengthening close-knit relations in the

Furthermore, recognition of IEXI’s efforts and success in the Pakistani market has come
from the Mega Show stand competition, where our company placed itself first. This price
has rewarded our team of technicians for their hard work and commitment. It solidified
the partnership our company is pillared on and delivered an overall successful result, both
humanly and economically.



December 2022

Come and visit us in Bangladesh  fair LeatherTechDhaka 07/09 Dicembre 2022 – Stand 6




December 2022


An Italian reality committed to sustainable development and research.


Since its foundation, IEXI’s core values have been quality and the binomial between tradition and innovation. Our company was the first, in 1954, to explore the use of organic compounds in leather finishing, inventing what was since then called “Italian Finish.” From this pivotal intuition, IEXI has committed to researching and developing new products while being loyal to its original roots. Our purpose is to deliver the highest quality products to our customers, thanks to careful and ongoing research on the leather goods market’s dynamics.


IEXI operates in three main laboratories: for problem solution and client advisory, for the realization of small samples and special requests, and lastly, the R&S laboratory.

The latter is the beating heart of all our research and development activities, where know-how meets passion and commitment meets innovation. Throughout the years, it has been the place of multiple private and publicly sourced projects that IEXI took part in to contribute to our sector’s sustainable advancement.


For instance, since 2017, IEXI has been part of the “Coolsun project” in collaboration with Università di Pisa, Cromology, and Tecnochimica. Thanks to UE-allocated funds, the project focused on creating energy-saving isolating paints, delivering better thermic insulating performances, and decreasing the usage of chrome and other environmentally dangerous substances.


In 2020, IEXI planned a new collaboration with the University of Florence. The departing project will focus on using raw materials implied in development and production of preservatives with low environmental risk. While being compatible with daily use for outdoor activities in humans or living environments, these substances, like anti-mold or biocide, are constantly subjected to attention by regulatory bodies.

Therefore, it is interesting for us to try to limit its use and look for methodologies that make them less easily dispersed in the environment and less bioavailable to humans.


Furthermore, this initiative would contribute to another of our objectives: the progressive replacement of solvent-based products with water-based ones. Due to the organic components, the products are exposed to faster deterioration from micro-bacterial aggression.

Thus, the realization of natural-based preservatives would maximize the product range coverage and performance. Lastly, the relevance of said discoveries would benefit the chemical industry and all the sectors that can benefit from acquiring property of these  biocides or anti-mold.


Overall, IEXI’s purpose is to deliver technical disruption that satisfies client requests and prioritizes environment preservation. As a chemical company, we own the resources, power, and duty to reduce our environmental impact on the planet. Our mission is to shed awareness on ecological issues, contribute to development, and favor the distribution of products compatible with said philosophy.




November 2022

This weekend, the long-awaited World Cup is taking place in Qatar. The best football teams from all over the world will challenge each other to become Champions, and millions of people will come together to assist them. In order to win, players will need to be physically and mentally trained, and properly equipped, from head to toe. Or better, from head to the shoe. So, if you cheer on your team to win, you better too.

This is why IEXI is here for. Our IEXI1954 kit line offers a wide range of shoe care products in handy formats, suitable for the maintenance, cleaning and sanitizing of any type of leather and technical material.

Our tested formula has already been utilized by a wide range of clients, including Italian league professional football players, to preserve the look and performance of their shoes.

So, no matter which part will you take in this World Cup, whether you will support your team from the comfort of your house, walk to a pub with friends or be a player on the field, your shoes will be there with you. Make sure they are in their best condition.

Good World Cup to everyone!

Iexi s.r.l.




July 2022

Finally, after months away, we are back and happy to share with you our new products. Come and visit us!


July 2021


It’s time for shopping! It is possible to  shop online our KIT and some of our single items also through the Amazon website.


October 2020

Speciale Finissaggi



July 2020


It’s time for shopping! From today, 01/07/2020, it is possible to  shop online our KIT also through the Amazon website.







Pakistan Lahore 27 /29 January 2020






May 2019

From this month you can find IEXI ETHIC KIT, a beautiful nice wooden box that contains some of our  leather care products.


March 2019



Our kit could be a great idea for father’s day! It’s a unique gift, different than usual, important but profit too.

Go to the website click on Shop/Store/Handicraft and you’ll find us with all our products! Waiting for you with special offers for this celebration!



LINEAPELLE – FIERAMILANO Rho  20 – 22 February 2019


IEXI has participated once more at LINEAPELLE 2019, one of the most important international exhibitions dedicated to leathers, accessories, components, synthetics  and models for footwear, leathergoods, garments and furniture.

IEXI has brought  its high quality products, its new proposals and its kits too, attracting potential clients.

Its staff has welcomed every single demand providing at request solutions and representing a point of exchange among customers from different countries.

The great passion and professionalism that this team has is one of the real assets of the company, achieve new goals and this, as a result, makes more satisfied clients.







Lahore – Pakistan    January 2019

IEXI is not only known for its high quality products but also for its a great creativeness!!

It has just won the first prize as best exhibitor at the fair MEGA LEATHER SHOW that has been in Lahore!

And our technician, Valter Fontani, with his great experience, has held a course of training workshop organized by SHAFI RESO-CHEM.

Its goal was to form a large number of local technicians, so to achieve a certificate.