The company,  as following,  created different kinds of leather care kits by using

the top quality of IEXI industrial products in order to present new goods among  the luxury accessories


Exclusive is the most complete IEXI leather care kit.

All the products are contained in a beautiful leather bag characterized by visible stiching as tuscan leather products require.

Inside the bag you can find all creams and brushes of IEXI production. All the components are made in Italy.

The particular design makes this kit unique as well as a useful gift idea  for all lovers of leather products such as bags,

shoes and any other leather item.




Class is a kit that contains the essential cleaning products for the leather shoe care.

The particular small dimension makes this kit also fit for use while travelling.




Ethic is our new kit, a very nice wooden box that contains some of our products for the leather shoe care and  any other leather item.





Sneakers Care is a handy size kit with inside all the products useful to keep sneakers nice as new.